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Digital Strategy - This is your North Star

At Etribes we build execution driven and implementable digital strategies that empower and guide all your employees and departments to target-oriented digital initiatives. Our Digital Strategy approach enables your company to create value through core business optimization and expansion of your business model and therefore to overtake the competition.

The Digital Strategy is your North Star: The long-term vision on which all further activities are based and aligned. Have a look at the video below to learn more about this and to get an idea of how our joint project could look like.


… a vision to guide its daily business. This is especially valid in the digital environment. Because what your competitors are already implementing, will be taken more and more for granted by your customers.


A Digital Strategy is not a dedicated strategy but an integrated, fundamental part of your entire corporate strategy. Thus, it is the starting point for the implementation of digital ambitions such as the establishment of new business models. Although the Digital Strategy is the guiding centerpiece of your Digital Transformation, it is also only the first step on your digital journey, followed by an the Operating Model design and the practical implementation.

1) Digital Strategy

We develop your North Star – in other words, the digital vision for your company and all its departments: from logistics, people, manufacturing, customer communication & marketing to the optimization of your products. We combine customer, company and market analyses with agile approaches to find out how you are currently positioned, where growth levers for the future lie and which digital initiatives make sense for you.

2) Operating Model

While building your Digital Strategy, we identified capabilities and resources your company already has for its planned digital initiatives as well as potentials you have for further growth. Now we define how we can build up the missing and necessary capabilities to achieve digital goals. Here it is all about aligning systems, processes, structures and resources to form a strong operational setup following the digital strategy.

3) Implementation

We will now implement the required initiatives in order to achieve the Digital Strategy’s target vision. How intensively we support the implementation depends on your specific needs. We can, for example, provide consultative support or we can help out with our incubation teams. This means that some of our employees temporarily work in your company to build the digital structures and products together with your team.

Shall we start straight away?

There are three levels of Digital Strategy

How comprehensive a Digital Strategy is depends on your needs and requirements. Basically, there are three approaches to which your digital strategy can be aligned. We usually start with the first step: digitizing your core business. Together we will find out which next steps and initiatives make sense for you and your company.

1) Digitize
the core

On the first level we, examine the digital approaches and business models that your company already uses, search for improvements and implement them in your existing structures.

2) Digital

On the second level, we explore how to expand your existing business models. It is conceivable, for example, to introduce a completely new product or service by using the existing capabilities of your company.

On the second level, we explore how to expand your existing business models. It is conceivable, for example, to introduce a completely new product or service by using the existing capabilities of your company.

2) Digital

3) Building
new digital

The third level is about building a completely new business model with new products/services, new markets and target groups. Since this approach requires additional capabilities that are not available in the company yet, we will create the right infrastructure together.

"Very often strategies were built too complex to be implemented in the real world. This costs not only time and money, but also frustrates everyone involved. Instead, at first we go deep into our clients organisation and find out what is possible and what isn't. At Etribes we only build strategies that we can implement directly at the customer's company with its specific circumstances."
"In order to fully unleash the success potential of digital initiatives, digitization must be anchored deeply in the corporate DNA, be an essential part of the corporate strategy and be lived by all those who are directly or indirectly involved. From Purchasing & Logistics to People & HR, Manufacturing, Product & Service and Marketing & Sales. And to connect all of this in a target-oriented way... that's what a digital strategy was made for."

Our services in the field of Digital Strategy

Workshops & Impulse Presentations
Analysis of your assets, capabilities and future growth levers
Developing a long-term vision
Establish a roadmap for implementation
Implementation of the strategy and continuous know-how transfer
Merging your digital and overall strategy
Change management with Your employees
Optimisation of your product and service portfolio
Digitization of your core business
Digital business expansion
Building innovative business models
Developing your Operating Model
... whatever strategy-related you have in mind

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We work holistically: Our Digital Strategies cover the topics of digital business, technology and data and empower you to achieve digital success in all your needs.

We work execution-oriented: Our Digital Strategies are no theoretical constructs. They contain the reality check and are built to be completely implementable.

We work client-oriented: We consider the existing assets and capabilities of our clients and individually approach their circumstances in their Digital Strategy.

We work agile: We bring the aspect of agility into strategy projects to enable our customers to adapt and react quickly to today’s digital challenges.

These are our Digital Strategy experts

These are some of our most experienced colleagues in the field of Digital Strategy. They come from different internal teams at Etribes as well as from external companies like AboutYou and work together cross-functionally. All of them bring years of industry experience in building Digital Strategies and combine their skills and know-how in your project.

Etribes Partner Network

Gerald Schönbucher

CEO, Kaufland.digital

I am Entrepreneur Partner of Etribes. In a nutshell this means, that I can and will join their customer projects as long as anybody there can benefit from my experience and support.

Etribes Core Team

Katharina Reiter

Digital Transformation Manager, Etribes

Are we already connected on LinkedIn? If not, please send me a contact request! I would love to exchange ideas with you. I'm already hyped so let's not waste any time.

Etribes Core Team

Michael Hab

Partner, Etribes

Let’s discuss how your company can benefit from the agile approach for a successful and sustainable digital strategy. Follow me on LinkedIn and feel free to send me a message. Looking forward to meeting you!

Etribes Partner Network

Tarek Müller

Co-CEO & Co-Founder, About You

As an Entrepreneur Partner, I have been working with Etribes since the very beginning. When Etribes' clients can benefit from my experience or network, I'm there to help.

Etribes Core Team

Anne Weyrauch

Senior Digital Transf. Manager, Etribes

We're living in a digital world with digital customer expectations. There is no way back, so let's take this chance and make your business model future-proof! I look forward to our exchange on LinkedIn.

Etribes Partner Network

Dr. Sebastian Sieglerschmidt

Founder & CEO Alteos GmbH

Let's build your digital strategy and lay the foundation for your digital transformation. As an Entrepreneur Partner I would be happy to join your project and contribute my experience.

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