Feeling powerless and helpless

This is what we have heard and read from many people in the last few days as an emotional reaction to the war in Ukraine. We feel the same way – and actively opted for silence on Etribes’ social media channels. It simply did not feel right to pretend business as usual when yesterday’s world no longer exists in that form today.

We believe that it is very important to engage with current events and to engage in social discourse. Nevertheless, we think that we are not the right channel to share much about it with our topics about digitalization and consulting – simply because others can do it better and their voices need to be heard.

We have therefore decided internally that we want to inform ourselves properly, show solidarity, and become active, for example through donations. And today we would like to use our reach here to create awareness for the fundraising organizations that we have listed down below. 

Imagine Ukraine matches refugees from the war in Ukraine with volunteers & diversity-first companies to give them a job in the country they fled to.

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At Unterkunft Ukraine you can provide practical help by offering overnight accommodation for refugees from Ukraine. Thank you for your solidarity and support!

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STELP e.V. – STELP is a civilian aid organization from Stuttgart, Germany, that supports where the need is greatest with a network of volunteers, partners, and sponsors on site of the catastrophes taking place.

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Deutsche Bahn launches a humanitarian rail bridge to bring supplies to Ukraine.

DB Cargo and DB Schenker set up logistics network and humanitarian corridor for transporting aid: trucks and freight trains take donated items directly to crisis areas.

People can call it to register their cargo, especially companies with items to donate and large consignments, and arrange collection. Transport is free of charge for donors. The hotline is staffed from 8 am to 8 pm on weekdays.

Telephone: +49 (0) 30 720220640
E-mail: [email protected]

Facts for Democracy – Targeted disinformation is used to divide our society, spread hatred, or do business. One-sided or false information creates distorted world views. CORRECTIV.Faktencheck counteracts this and uncovers misinformation, rumors, and half-truths on a daily basis.

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