What we do

eTribes offers companies and corporations hands-on operational support with a particular focus on the individual challenges posed by digitisation. Your questions will be answered by leading digital entrepreneurs who are looking forward to sharing their wealth of real-world business and project experience with you. To solve specific operational issues, we will network you with leading experts from a range of industries.

Sparring matches

Often, a short telephone conversation is all we need to give you specific feedback regarding your plans: our partners see a very broad range of online projects and are happy to share their experience with you – without PowerPoint presentations or Excel documents. Just hands-on knowledge.


We know about business models. How can you work with/fight against Amazon? What should you be paying for an online shop? Which models make sense for, say, insurance providers…?

We have operational know-how. How can you best negotiate with Amazon? How can you best use TV adverstising? What is Urbanara and is it successful? How can success be measured in e-commerce…?

M&A support

We know what realistic levels of customer growth, repeat business quotients, and operational costs look like – and use this knowledge to evaluate companies. Using our network, we can challenge assumptions. And we can do the maths.