Mastering the Twin Transition with help of sustainable Venture Building

Joern Soyke & David Geffroy – Etribes

November 2022, Hamburg


Your guide to master the Twin Transition
with sustainable Venture Building

Executives around the globe are facing the daunting challenge to make their businesses sustainable. Etribes believes that this transformation is best achieved by harnessing the power of digital. Our newest whitepaper “Leveraging digital for sustainability: The Twin Transition” sets out to describe this phenomenon by answering the following key questions:

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"While sustainable and digital transitions are both sources of upheaval in the business environment, when combined effectively, they can unleash symbiotic economic and societal value"

David Geffroy, Venture Builder @Etribes


From educational basics to profit-
generating solution suggestions

With almost 30 content-rich pages, we want to empower you to master the Twin Transition through the use of venture building. Learn how to profitably build a bridge between digitization and sustainability and to counteract macroeconomic factors such as changing consumer behavior, rising employee expectations, capital markets scrutiny and regulatory pressure.


Learn everything you need to know about the Twin Transition:
from educational basics to profit-generating solution suggestions

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About the Authors

Joern Soyke

I’m Joern, sustainability expert partner at Etribes and Subject Matter Expert for the Twin Transition. For the past 15+ years I have gained cross-industry experience in leading innovation, digitalization and sustainability projects; including as Founder and Managing Director at Sharkbite Innovation and as Partner at EY/etventure. I have designed and built strategies, business models, innovation units and digital ventures for clients in the Mittelstand to Corporates. In recent years, I have leveraged this digital expertise to create business models that combine innovation, profitability and positive impact in line with the 17 UN SDGs.

David Geffroy

I’m David Geffroy, Venture Developer at Etribes and a subject matter expert for sustainable business models. During the past 5 years, I have ideated, validated and scaled corporate & standalone startups at Capgemini Invent, by myself and at Etribes. I believe that sustainable business models are the new frontier and the primary lever to ensure that your business model remains relevant in the site of shortening life cycles.