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With the practical experience gained from founding start-ups, managing companies and over 200 digital projects, we know how to run digital transformation . We are Entrepreneurs for your business.

Nils Seebach
CFO & Founding Partner
Fabian J. Fischer
CEO & Founding Partner
Stefan Luther
COO & Founding Partner
Karolin Junker
Tobias Stamatis
Senior Partner
Stefan Tobel
Senior Partner
Anne Weyrauch
Engagement Lead
Dustin Meissner
Head of UX/UI
Laura Prym
Tribe Lead HR
Markus Peter
Engagement Lead
Heike Humburg
Head of Finance & BizAd
Michael Stolte- Dehn
Engagement Lead
Michael Hab
Roger Hillen-Pasedag
Engagement Lead
Sarah Lütjens
Tribe Lead Sales
David Schroeder
Engagement Lead
Stefan Berkenhoff
Tribe Lead Tech
Marcel Mertzky
Tribe Lead Marketing

Your needs, our skills. Individual for your case.

More than 80 % of the employees have a practical background from start-ups, Tech Companies & corporates and are experienced in finding solutions for digital challenges. Each project team consists of various skill-sets and a unique mix of know-how, leading to speed, efficiency and maximum project success. Paired with the expertise of our clients it is the only way to implement successful and sustainable digital projects. See more about our individual staffing in the following cases.

Digital Unit Building
Incubation of digital business models
E-commerce optimization
Digital Unit Building

In order to ensure a constant flow of new innovations, setting up a digital unit is often the right step. Depending on the design, this digital unit will drive digital projects independently and autonomously.

In the cooperation with Hapag-Lloyd, it was not only important to set up a Digital Unit, but also to ensure its sustainable functioning. The project therefore included the establishment of structures and processes on the one hand, and the recruitment and empowerment of the required employees, including the current Managing Director, on the other.

Thanks to the customer's market understanding in combination with Tribe's digital know-how, a new chapter in shipping logistics could be started with Quick Quotes (1 billion € turnover in 2019).

Incubation of digital business models

A look at other European countries shows that new customer requirements and the digitalisation of sales channels do not stop at the health market. The PHOENIX Group has derived the necessity of building up a D2C concept from this insight, which is common to us all. This is based on the hypothesis that the technical implementation of an own online shop can open up a direct channel to the end customer and generate lock-in effects.

Together with the specially founded PHOENIX Group Digital Unit, PXG Health Tech, we were able to launch an international e-commerce platform using the MVP approach.

The combination of different skills, from consulting to development, ensured a fast, efficient and, in particular, goal-oriented implementation. Business model & strategy went hand in hand with the technical implementation.

E-commerce optimization

In order to use the full potential of your own online shop, constant optimisation and adaptation is essential. The interplay of strategic thinking and operative implementation strength from consulting, marketing & UX forms the basis for the technical implementation of various measures by PO & tech team.

In combination with industry and target group insights as well as proven expert knowledge through the Etribes partner network, the top-line growth of the sales channel is ensured.

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Etribes Partnernetwork

The Etribes partner network extends projects by in-depth knowledge from various industries and digital matters. By founding own companies and working on numerous digital projects, they not only know your challenges, but also find practical solutions for them.

Tarek Müller
Co-CEO & Co-Founder, About You
Alexander Graf
Founder & CEO, Spryker Systems
Gerald Schönbucher
CEO, real.digital
Annett Fibian
Expert Digital Learning
Jenny von Podewils
Co-founder & CEO, Leapsome GmbH
Matthias Lau
Co-Founder & Adviser, connected-health.eu GmbH
Niklas Heinen
Founder & Managing Director, Heinen Lovebrands
Ruppert Bodmeier
CEO & Founder, disrooptive.com
Elias Vides
Founder & CEO Moon Idea
Manuel Apitzsch
Expert E-Commerce and Marketing
Our values
Leading Digital
Staying Curious
Clients as purpose
More than a team
Evolving by change
Leading Digital


Growing up with digitization, we know its potential and challenges. With our many years of operational experience and our digital mindset, we are driving transformation.


We advise, create and develop with great passion for our customers. Our work is not just a means to an end, it enables us to create an environment in which we want to live.


We think and work digitally. With the freedom to design our work environment, we exemplify digitization for our customers.

Staying Curious


We are always curious and brave looking for new ideas. We do not hesitate to go with the change and confidently advance where others take a step back.


We are at Etribes because we can be the most influential teachers and the best students in our network. We never stop asking questions and support each other with the exchange of know-how.


We strive for sustainable, personal development and that of our colleagues. We find new talents, encourage and challenge each other to grow beyond ourselves.

Clients as purpose


As conductors of our projects, mentors for our clients and advocates for end customers, we accept all challenges and master them responsibly


We empower our customers to accept challenges, strengthen them for the digital market and establish them as serious players. This fills us with pride and motivates us.


Because of our empathy, appreciation and perception, our customers and users are the focus of each of our tasks. We see them as partners for whose success we stand together.

More than a team


We take responsibility for our tasks. We drive them independently, argue objectively and perfect them with the team.


In discussions we meet at eye level, far from the hierarchy. Open and honest communication is natural for us so that we can find the best arguments together.


We value ourselves and our individual skills as a unit. We work as a team, stand for each other and support a balanced work-life harmony.

Evolving by change


Through optimal processes and the right tools, we strive for the greatest possible agility with which we can work efficiently and flexibly to the highest degree.


We reach new horizons because we courageously accept every challenge. We know that you go the extra mile for the big goals and get up after a defeat.


Through continuous feedback and the constant questioning of your own abilities and beliefs, every day is a new opportunity to develop further. We are not afraid of unscheduled course changes based on new knowledge.

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