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Why true alpha is now digital!

How can Private Equity future-proof the investment decision process and leverage digitization to both protect their downside and generate true alpha despite challenging marketing environments? By adding digital resources to their playbook and harnessing:

  • How digital due diligence can help avoid deploying capital into firms that fail the obsolescence-test
  • How digital value creation can maximize ROI
  • How digital short-term optimizations can be used to support exit readiness and increase exit valuations

Publication date: March 2020

Author: Sinan Krückeberg

To generate alpha, today´s private equity firms can leverage digital criteria at acquisition, create value using digital business approaches during holding, and tell a convincing digital equity story at exit.

Sinan Krückeberg

The Author

Sinan Krückeberg

Head of Private Capital

  • +10 years of experience in conventional and alternative investments
  • CEO of the Krückeberg family office and senior lecturer at HSBA
  • Executive board member of a large mid-sized family business

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