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In the last 7 years we have developed, implemented and scaled over 200 digital business models in B2C & B2B. Today the projects generate an annual turnover of more than 6 bn. €. We are industry-agnostic and work with global players.


Digital Minds


years of creating value in a digital world


developed Business Models



Development of digital unit & digitization of the offer process
PXG Health Tech

PXG Health Tech

Development of an international e-commerce platform


Further development of digital sales channels


Development of a B2B e-commerce platform

Whitepaper & studies

The 1x1 of the platform economy

  • What the term platform means
  • What advantages arise on the supply and demand side
  • When & whether the construction of a platform makes sense for you
  • Which 5 challenges will arise in 2020
  • What you need to consider when setting up a platform
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Winning strategies in B2B

We show you:

  • Which digital solutions your B2B competitors have implemented
  • What you can learn from the solutions
  • How digital sales channels are established in a short time despite traditional structures
  • How customer-centric experience platforms are created for B2B customers
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