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We will transform your problems and challenges into real digital opportunities. We are called whenever there is a need to digitally earn money.

Digital Transformation along three pillars

Digital transformation is more than a change of course in the core business. Market leaders must also develop digital capabilities, adapt to speed and extend existing boundaries. We are convinced that implementation always involves three pillars. The result: a comprehensive competitive advantage.


Core Business Optimization

By applying digital technologies, existing processes will be accelerated, simplified and automated, which leads to a higher cost-efficiency.


Digital Business Expansion

Existing business models will be expanded and scaled incrementally by identifying digital potential and implementing appropriate solutions with the purpose of increasing revenue.


New Digital Business Models

We identify and develop new revenue streams through digital innovation, to build your next core business.



Development of digital unit & digitization of the offer process
PXG Health Tech

PXG Health Tech

Development of an international e-commerce platform


Further development of digital sales channels


Development of a B2B e-commerce platform

From first question to successful transformation.

We support you through all stages of the digital transformation. No matter where you stand: Our team accompanies you during the strategy and implementation phase, while developing own capabilities or when setting up operations. 

E-Commerce Operations
Innovation & New Business
Digital business strategy
Tech Products & Development
Marketing & Scaling
E-Commerce Operations

Having the right capabilities is key to ensure profitable digital sales. Once we have jointly defined an E-Commerce strategy and corresponding operating model, we are ready to rumble: Together we incubate digital growth by setting up your E-Commerce operations to unlock the potential of the four pillars of online distribution: 

  • Direct Sales (e.g. Webshop or App)
  • 3rd Party Retailer (e.g. wholesale)
  • Marketplaces (e.g. Amazon Seller, ebay, Alibaba and more)
  • Future Options (e.g. Hey Charles)
Innovation & New Business

External influences and trends force companies to deal with new structures and innovations. Together with the customer, Etribes develops the appropriate innovation model to actively shape this change. From Corporate Venture and Digital Unit Building to the Customized Agency. We always have the goal to enable a sustainable and independent implementation and rely on the following measures:

  • Development of structures & processes for the innovation model
  • Recruiting of the required employees
  • Joint implementation of first projects
Digital business strategy

A digital strategy is the starting point for the implementation of digital ambitions such as the development of new distribution channels. It is particularly important to build a flexible infrastructure in order to be able to cope with digital change at a high speed of adaptation. In doing so, we are always working on the three pillars of digital transformation: digitization of the core business, digital business expansion & development of innovative business models. 

A sustainable implementation involves 6 steps:

  • Analysis: Understanding the status quo & the challenges of your company
  • Vision: Joint development of a vision to determine the strategic direction
  • Strategy: Definition of concrete fields of action for implementation
  • Operating Model: Development of structures, processes & governance
  • Set-up: Drawing up a roadmap for implementation
  • Implementation: Implementation of the strategy and continuous know-how transfer
Tech Products & Development

The technical implementation of a digital product or service opens up direct sales channels and immediate access to the end customer.

Etribes not only relies on its own software developers, product owners & UX designers, but also on leading technologies such as Spryker or commercetools.

The joint development of a vision of the digital product or service is thereby the basis of the technical implementation to avoid excessive costs and late completion.

Marketing & Scaling

Digitalisation also opens up new ways and measures of customer acquisition in marketing and the expansion of brand awareness for your company. These are often not only more cost-effective, but also faster and more scalable than would be possible at trade fairs. 

Etribes provides support in the following areas:

  • Online marketing strategy and operative implementation
  • CRM strategy
  • B2B lead generation
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