Develop digital milestones in the jewelry industry: Create a personalized customer experience with a digital B2B platform.

Challenges & Opportunities

The digital customer journey of business customers within the luxury industry has changed dramatically in recent years. Creatives, product developers and managers expect personalized services and collaborative features in digital solutions to meet their individual needs. Swarovski has recognised the resulting opportunities for itself. Together with Etribes, Swarovski has developed the product vision of a customer-centric B2B platform where business customers worldwide can find inspiration in the high-quality crystals and purchase them for their individual demands.

What is a product vision?

Ideas of software products such as online shops, apps or platforms often fail in their implementation. A risk-minimized approach is the product vision. This is a methodology for defining the long-term goal of a software project. It serves as a central reference point for all further steps in product development.

A unique customer experience

To develop a personalized B2B platform, not only the product vision was created, but also a prototype for validation and a gameplan for implementation.


Develop a product vision

The product vision was defined on the basis of Swarovski’s strategic objectives, stakeholder interests and target group needs. The result is the vision of a customer experience not yet available in the competition. The product vision is implemented in the form of a customer-centric B2B platform which is to be the basis for all customer activities. The focus of the first MVP is primarily transactional features.


Implementing design prototypes

Using various UX concepts, the core aspects of the product  vision were visualized early on as a design prototype. This makes it possible not only to develop the product vision conceptually, but also to make it tangible. This has played a particularly important role in stakeholder management.


Define the gameplan

The gameplan defines the  framework and processes that are critical to the development and implementation of the B2B platform. In this project step, the establishment of a Digital Tech Hub away from the headquarters was also announced, which was opened in May 2019. In addition, Etribes supported the recruiting of top tech profiles and was able to refer Dr. Florian Krause from the Etribes partner network. He is now Director E-Commerce and BI at Swarovski.





Digital Minds



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What are the contexts, experiences and opportunities of the project?

At this year’s Top 100 Dinner in Cologne, Roland Harste (CMO Swarovski), Stefan Tobel (Senior Partner Etribes) and Alexander Graf (Founder Kassenzone) will give exciting insights into the project structure and procedure of Swarovski’s digital B2B platform.

Setting new digital standards in the market

With the development of the tech-product vision, Etribes and Swarovski have laid the foundation for developing a B2B e-commerce platform which can become the global leader in the crystal industry. The first version focuses on transactional functionalities, while medium and long-term aspects such as customer inspiration and collaboration are expected to play an even more significant role. With a digital e-commerce platform, Swarovski lays the foundation for defending its market leadership and meeting future digital challenges.

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