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B2B Vertrieb: Chancen der Krise nutzen

Der B2B-Vertrieb steht nicht nur aufgrund der Coronakrise vor großen Herausforderungen. Auch langfristig wird sich durch die Digitalisierung einiges ändern. Wie Sie das aktiv in Ihrem Unternehmen umsetzen, erfahren Sie im Whitepaper.


[DE] 1×1 of the platform economy

What does the term platform economy mean, when does the implementation of a platform make sense and which success factors have to be considered in e-commerce? We also show the first steps towards implementing your own platform.


7 success factors of B2B sales

B2B distribution is facing major challenges not only in 2020. You can find out in the article what will change in the long term and what is important for you.


[DE] Amazon Business

Amazon Business is one of the most important channels in digital distribution. How they can use it for themselves and what success other companies have had, you can read in the whitepaper.


Why true alpha is now digital

How do private equity firms increase the value of companies? Especially if these companies have already gone through several conventional optimization rounds? Through digital assets!