Digital change: A new chapter in container shipping through customer-centric development of digital services

Challenges & Opportunities

Hapag-Lloyd – similar to many of its competitors – has already pushed ahead with several digital initiatives, e.g. to improve customer service through innovative solutions or to develop new business models. For example, the booking process for container freight was no longer up-to-date and urgently needed to be improved. Together with Etribes, the first project made a sustainable & direct impact on the core business. The newly developed tool “Quick Quotes” generated a turnover of approx. € 700 million in 2018, € 1 billion in 2019 and € 10 billion in 2023.

Digital enabling

The three-phase project enabled the company to develop new business models independently.


Development of the digital unit

The newly established Digital Channel and Incubation Unit merged and streamlined all previous digital initiatives. The operating model, developed for this purpose, enables Hapag-Lloyd to implement new digital projects with high speed and clear objectives.


Rollout & Scaling

While the DCIU was still being developed, a first lighthouse project was implemented with “Quick Quotes”. The quote generation for container spaces could thus be reduced from 48h to a few seconds. Through an MVP approach, the customer’s most significant problem was solved in a short time.


Developing internal skills

To ensure the sustainable success of the DCIU, Etribes recruited the required people – including the current Managing Director. To ensure a high level of knowledge transfer to Hapag-Lloyd, objectives & working methods were laid down in the “Digital Playbook”.





Digital Minds



Digital strategy
Business Model

Top-Line Impact

With the Digital Unit and the ability to develop and implement innovative products independently, the company is able to actively shape the digital future and to break new ground. The employees also trust and support new digital projects. Thanks to the rapid implementation and worldwide rollout of “”Quick Quotes””, Hapag-Lloyd already generated 6% (approx. €700m) of total turnover with the tool in the first half of the year. The estimate for 2019 was more than € 1 billion. In 2023, the company already achieves a turnover of € 10 billion.

"Together with Etribes, we have succeeded in opening a new chapter in shipping and logistics and have launched the first digital products.“
"I love quick quotes. It makes everyone's life easier. I can even answer customers while I am talking to them on the phone."
"Quick Quotes will continue to support our growth and we will not waste time waiting for offers."
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