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On this page you will find the most important informations about our service offerings in the field of data. Our data expert Dr. Florian Krause will pick you up right away in the video below to give you a first impression of what we can achieve together with your data.

Data is relevant for every industry

Let’s use production companies as a concrete example of the relevance of data. Their machines can be equipped with sensors that generate measured values and thus ultimately produce huge amounts of data. By using machine learning algorithms on it, you can foresee when they might fail to avoid a production standstill. Moreover, algorithms can be developed to optimize the production process and generate less waste. 

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"There are countless possibilities for a company to become data-driven. And, if you ask me, all the invests are totally worth it, because you can't afford not doing it these days. But before we're starting to get creative with your data, there is some groundwork to be done."

Let's start with the groundwork

Data projects are individual with each client and their goals. However, most data projects share a similar foundation on which everything else is then built: The Data Pipeline. In this process, data is gradually enriched and standardized across departments. The company then builds the actual products, such as algorithms, on this standardized data basis. This process can be visualized in three fundamental steps:


Creating an awareness of the data available in your company: What data do I have? Where can I find it? And what can I read from it? Accordingly, the data is catalogued. And then we will explore what can be done with this.


Now we’re dealing with data access rights: Who is allowed to see and store the data? Who is allowed to see the raw data? And who should only get filtered data? If there are many departments in a company this should be clearly defined.


All of the cleaned data from the different departments is collected. The different teams can access it from one centralized data lake and pick out the data that is relevant to them. This helps creating a uniform view on what is happening inside the company.

Our values define how we work

your data

A dedicated data strategy is key for any successful data driven company and should be of major relevance for the overall corporate strategy. The data strategy is highly dependent on other company strategies. It sets the framework for operational data execution leading to added value for the company and its customers.

Our data services

Building your Data Pipeline
Data Workshops & Impulse Presentations
Devoloping your Tech & Data Vision
Upgrading your Business Model based on data
Data Strategy
... whatever data-related you have in mind

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This is our Data Squad

If you’ve watched Florian’s video, you already know our Data Squad. These are some of our most experienced data colleagues. They come from different teams at Etribes and work together cross-functionally. They all bring years of industry experience working with data and share the same passion: developing data strategies, cleaning up data messes and making companies data-driven.

Analytics & Dashboards

Jan Helrod

Digital Transformation Manager

Data sounds complex and frightening? No, not at all. I, personally, have a lot of fun working with data and would be happy to share some of that enthusiasm with you. Read more on my LinkedIn.

Data Strategy & ML

Oliver Heider

Digital Transformation Consultant

Every company can benefit from engaging with Data. In the digital world with digital customer expectations, there is no way around it. Let's exchange ideas about this on LinkedIn.

Data Architecture

Dr. Florian Krause

Principal Tech/Data

I hope I was able to share some of my enthusiasm for data with you in the video above. If you have any questions or ideas, just drop me a line on LinkedIn. Let's make your company data-driven!

Data Organization

Katharina Reiter

Digital Transformation Manager

Are we already connected on LinkedIn? If not, please send me a contact request! I would love to exchange new data ideas with you. I'm already hyped so let's not waste any time.

Data Strategy

Peter Feldmeier


Make sure to follow me on LinkedIn and please feel free to message me there at any time. Looking forward to meeting you and to rock your brand new data project!

Analytics & Dashboards

Sebastian Lemm

Senior Digital Marketing Manager

As a performance marketer, I came in touch contact with the topic of data at an early stage. Today, working with data is an essential part of my job. Let's talk about it on LinkedIn.

Data Analytics and Usability

Luisa Thiele

Digital Transformation Consultant

My Mission? Help companies to innovate and be ready for the future. And I am convinced that the right approach to data is crucial here. Let's talk about it on LinkedIn!

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