Disrupting traditional structures

With a turnover of approximately 25 billion euros, the PHOENIX group is the leading pharmaceutical distributor and integrated healthcare provider in Europe. PHOENIX operates over 2500 of its own pharmacies in 14 countries. The traditional B2C healthcare market has not yet managed to provide customers with sufficient support in the procurement of pharmaceutical products in a simple and fast manner. With the help of Etribes, the outsourced digital unit, PXG Health Tech, is being established to create new customer experiences through innovative solutions and products and to actively shape the healthcare market of the future.

What is a product vision?

Ideas of software products such as online shops, apps or platforms often fail in their implementation. A risk-minimized approach is the product vision. This is a methodology for defining the long-term goal of a software project. It serves as a central reference point for all further steps in product development.

Combining physical and digital

In order to make healthcare as convenient and simple as never before to the end customer, not only a digital unit was established, but also the product vision was defined and a first MVP implemented.

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Setting up a digital unit

In order to test new innovations and solutions more quickly and to be able to directly adapt experiences, the digital unit PXG Health Tech was founded and developed with Etribes. As an independent and outsourced unit, it is able to react quickly and flexibly to the challenges of digitization and to develop and implement new innovations itself.


Develop a product vision

The product vision of an omni-channel health care platform contains numerous elements that take the customer's shopping experience to a new level. This vision helps with the long-term orientation and serves as a guideline for the project to implement all versions of the future product in a target-oriented manner.


Implementing an MVP

The first step of the product vision is the implementation of an MVP in the test market Serbia. The knowledge & experience gained as well as the infrastructure created in the first e-commerce platform will be implemented in subsequent versions and extended to other markets to gradually realise the vision of the new customer experience.


Duration of the project

Digital Minds

Project team members

Etribes - PXG Health Tech Case
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Creating the basis for innovation

By developing the Digital Unit and implementing a digital & agile way of working, PXG Health Tech will continue to be able to develop digital innovations and above all to implement them sustainably and independently. The development of the health platform is only the first step to create a completely new shopping experience for the customer and to redefine the health market in Europe.

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