Why work for Etribes?

We are a young and highly professional team consisting of strategists, conceptors, designers, software developers, online marketers and project managers who work together in an agile and interdisciplinary way. In addition to our core team, we work hand in hand with a partner network of digital entrepreneurs and thought leaders. We are enthusiastic about our work every day and love what we do. We offer you a steep learning curve, passionate work, enthusiastic colleagues and cooperation at eye level. 

Our values
Leading Digital
Staying Curious
Clients as purpose
More than a team
Evolving by change


Growing up with digitization, we know its potential and challenges. With our many years of operational experience and our digital mindset, we are driving transformation.


We advise, create and develop with great passion for our customers. Our work is not just a means to an end, it enables us to create an environment in which we want to live.


We think and work digitally. With the freedom to design our work environment, we exemplify digitization for our customers.


We are always curious and brave looking for new ideas. We do not hesitate to go with the change and confidently advance where others take a step back.


We are at Etribes because we can be the most influential teachers and the best students in our network. We never stop asking questions and support each other with the exchange of know-how.


We strive for sustainable, personal development and that of our colleagues. We find new talents, encourage and challenge each other to grow beyond ourselves.


As conductors of our projects, mentors for our clients and advocates for end customers, we accept all challenges and master them responsibly


We empower our customers to accept challenges, strengthen them for the digital market and establish them as serious players. This fills us with pride and motivates us.


Because of our empathy, appreciation and perception, our customers and users are the focus of each of our tasks. We see them as partners for whose success we stand together.


We take responsibility for our tasks. We drive them independently, argue objectively and perfect them with the team.


In discussions we meet at eye level, far from the hierarchy. Open and honest communication is natural for us so that we can find the best arguments together.


We value ourselves and our individual skills as a unit. We work as a team, stand for each other and support a balanced work-life harmony.


Through optimal processes and the right tools, we strive for the greatest possible agility with which we can work efficiently and flexibly to the highest degree.


We reach new horizons because we courageously accept every challenge. We know that you go the extra mile for the big goals and get up after a defeat.


Through continuous feedback and the constant questioning of your own abilities and beliefs, every day is a new opportunity to develop further. We are not afraid of unscheduled course changes based on new knowledge.

E-Day #12 - The coolest professional development program
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Marcel Sander
Testing Lead

"What I particularly like about Etribes is the cohesion among colleagues and the mutual support to achieve the set goals."

Anna Schumacher

"For me, Etribes means working with a highly motivated team on exciting digital solutions and products and, true to our value "staying curious", learning from and with each other."

Dustin Meißner
Head of Creative

"A unique spirit that motivates you to rise above yourself. This is where autonomy, innovation and concentrated entrepreneurial excellence come together. Leading digital - you can feel it. From zero second."

Karolin Junker

"Working on challenging projects that inspire us to find innovative solutions and in which we can grow beyond ourselves is priceless to me. At the same time, as colleagues we learn from each other every day.

Stefan Berkenhoff
Tech Tribe Lead

What I love about Etribes is the dynamic with which we grow as a company - and each individual develops personally with it. So far, we have become much more professional, diverse and successful every six months and it doesn't feel like I've been here for three years.

Lukas Höft

"Constantly dealing with innovative, digital business models and getting to know the smartest digital minds on the scene creates a learning environment that I have never seen before."

Key Benefits

You work in an uncomplicated and cooperative environment, together with the e-commerce greats of Germany. The expertise of our employees will give you insights into the latest developments and trends in the digital industry.

Social Benefits

Our motto is "lifelong learning". That is why it is important to us to equip you for your mission with the skills, methods and tools you need to carry out your job optimally and above all with pleasure.

  • Access to a network of more than 120 experts
  • Regular workshops & further education opportunities
  • Monthly E-Day
  • Scrum certification

We love our job. But we also love freedom. We actively support every employee in finding the right balance between job, leisure and family, so that work doesn't get in the way of life, but enriches it.

  • Many nice & smart colleagues
  • Celebrations about celebrations
  • Home office possibility

In addition to a good dose of humor and fun with colleagues, we offer our employees other benefits to make working at Etribes something special. What we offer:

  • Fruit in bulk
  • Soft drinks, beer, coffee also in large quantities
  • Subsidy for HVV Ticket
  • Company pension scheme
  • Grant for UrbanSports

No match?

Then write us a meaningful speculative application to


Procedure for your application

You sent in your application, but then what happens? In three steps we get to know each other and find out if you & Etribes are a good match.

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1. Phone Interview

Does the first impression fit? In a telephone conversation with the HR team we test the chemistry and ask basic questions such as your possible start date.

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2. Interview I

We meet in person in our office and you get to know us as a company, our TeamSpirit and the Daily Doing. We, in turn, ask you about your current experiences and personal fit.

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3. Interview II

In a further discussion we will gladly provide a case or a coding challenge. Questions are allowed at any time. We always want to design our discussions as a dialogue.

Help needed?


David Karius, Head of People

+49 (0) 151 50 266 543