Logos von Etribes und der UX/UI Agentur COBE für unseren Zusammenschluss

UX/UI agency COBE
becomes Etribes

UX/UI agency COBE becomes part of Etribes


Becoming first choice for digital business - together

Our goal at Etribes is to become the first choice for digital business. We encourage entrepreneurial thinking and action and aim to provide our clients first-class services. With UX/UI design and product development agency COBE, we have found a like-minded team of creative and user-centric people to join our ambitious mission.

Having already acquired Berlin-based venture builder Pacemakers Digital Ventures in the summer of 2021 and partnered with Hamburg-based Orbit, one of the most renowned names in corporate venturing, in July 2022, we are now celebrating our third M&A transaction since 2021 together with COBE.

With COBE as the newest part of Etribes, we can now offer our clients services in the area of implementation – UX/UI design, service design, and web/app development – to an even greater extent. This makes us incredibly proud and takes us all one step further on our shared mission to be our client’s first choice for digital business.

Etribes und Cobe Shooting #4 - Felix van de Sand, Fabian J. Fischer

Jump directly to the press area with press contacts,
images, and a detailed press release.

Jump directly to the press area with press contacts, images, and a detailed press release.

Profilbild Fabiab J. Fischer auf der Seite, auf der alle Informationen über den Zusammenschluss von Etribes und COBE zu finden sind

"COBE's founders have succeeded in assembling an exceptionally talented and creative international group of nearly 100 employees who understand customer needs and can translate them into compelling digital products and experiences."

Fabian J. Fischer, CEO Etribes


Here's what our customers will love about COBE

#1 - Top-notch skills

With COBE, we are deliberately strengthening ourselves with an international tech player to be able to offer an even broader product portfolio with strategy, UX-/UI design, service design, and product, web and mobile development. COBE's 50-strong product development team in Croatia also plays a decisive role here, working together with colleagues at the Munich location to offer first-class and successful products and services end-to-end. In doing so, COBE combines a user-centered design approach with its proprietary, brand-based UX identity method (UXi).

#2 - Cross-industry experience

Since its founding in 2012, the "Creators Of Beautiful Experiences" around Managing Directors Felix van de Sand, Daniel Wagner, Ines Ivokovic, and Felix Menzel have already worked for world-renowned brands such as BMW, Bosch, REWE, ProSiebenSat.1 or Vodafone. "COBE is able to understand customer needs and translate them into compelling products," explains our CEO Fabian J. Fischer. "In doing so, COBE sets new standards in UX/UI design and digital product development, as they have proven for example with their spin-off Kickbase, a popular soccer manager app."

#3 - Holistic Services

Digital business today requires a strong customer centricity and must approach the experience holistically - end-to-end. In other words, from the idea to the concept, the implementation, and scaling. COBE lives this principle through a specially developed, brand-based method and, together with Etribes, further expands previous competencies. The radical customer/user centricity in COBE's work enables clients to position their products for sustainable success. "User Experience is Brand Experience!" add the COBE Managing Directors.


Combined, Etribes now generates annual sales of
more than 35 million euros and employs around 300 people.

Combined, Etribes now generates annual sales of more than 35 million euros and employs around 300 people.

"Through the merger, we are moving into the fast lane and will really shake up the market. We want to learn from each other, grow together and create something bigger."

Felix van de Sand, Managing Director COBE


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