Nils Seebach

Managing director of Spryker Systems, founder of eTribes Connect, publisher of

Nils Seebach publishes, a leading German-language e-commerce blog and is specialised on business analytics and assessing digital business models. Nils is a founding partner and managing director of the SPRYKER e-commerce architecture – developed in part by the same team as Rocket Internet used and used in the Dafiti and Westwing frameworks for Rocket Internet. This technology is also applied by Project A for Tirendo, NU3 and Contorion. Nils also offers in-depth project management experience and supports companies looking for answers to questions on how to build up e-commerce business models.

Fabian J. Fischer

Managing Director of Etribes

Fabian J. Fischer (36), is a digital entrepreneur with extensive experience in operational as well as strategic e-commerce. As managing director, he is responsible for further developing the offering as well as strategy of the consultancy Eribes. Additionally, Fabian is member of several advisory boards, e.g. at The Global Marketplace Group and shareholder at W//Center Consulting, a specialist consultancy for enterprise content management and java-based software solutions.

Since 2013, Fabian has successfully advised companies in various industries and has become a valued advisor for german businesses regarding the challenges of progressive digitization. Focus of his consulting activities are the conceptual development of online business models, the restructuring and turnaround management of SMEs as well as the development of corporate startups for traditional businesses in the old economy. Fabian has successfully conceptualized and built several digital business models as consultant, founder, managing director, interims-manager or advisor.

After finishing his business studies at the University of Hamburg, Fabian gained experience at a private equity fund in the US, and then managed the successful onlineshop UNGER-FASHION.COM as head of e-commerce at UNGER Gmbh & Co. KG, where he lead the development and implementation of all e-commerce related activities of the high-end fashion retailer for 6 years.

Arne Stoschek

Managing director of Aurelio GmbH – an holding company focused on digitalization

Arne Stoschek is a serial entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Textprovider, one of the leading content marketing agencies in Germany. In December 2015 the founders exited the company into the diva-e Digital Value Enterprise Group.

In addition to that, Arne is an associate and mentor of several internet focused companies, e.g. the viral marketing agency suxeedo or the web developing agency Pinguinweb.

He shares his entrepreneurial knowledge and experience as a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Düsseldorf. As a partner of eTribes he consults clients in online marketing and digital transformation purposes.

He challenges himself with football, golf and NLP.

Tobias Stamatis

Lennart A. Paul

Senior E-Commerce Consultant, B2B E-Commerce Strategies, Development of Digital Business Models & Corporate Startups

The development and operative implementation of lifelike and realizable digital strategies for B2B companies is Lennart A. Pauls area of expertise.

Since 2016 Lennart A. Paul accompanies businesses on their way to digital dynamics. Prior to this, he was active within the Würth Group as Corporate Startup Founder and Project Manager for seven years. During this period, he was able to gain extensive strategic and operative insights in B2B E-Commerce in Germany, Italy, Scandinavia and the U.S.

In addition, Lennart A. Paul keeps himself busy with Trends and exciting digital business models from the B2B environment and writes about it in his Blog Further he lectures about digitalization in B2B sales at home and abroad.

Sven Soltau

Consultant online marketing, CRM und digital transformation

Sven Soltau is an e-commerce consultant with an advanced knowledge in online marketing und CRM.

Since 2013 he has been consulting for companies of different sizes and different industries in the fields of online marketing, CRM, e-commerce strategy and digital transformation.

After his studies he worked in leading positions at the Otto Group and eBay. As Head of CRM at Rocket Internet he was responsible for implementing CRM processes and establishing CRM teams for several new start-ups (among others Zalando, Groupon, eDarling). Between 2010 and 2013 he worked as CMO for Lautsprecher Teufel and was a member of the management board.

His current specialty is developing marketing automation systems.

Alexander Graf

Managing director of Spryker Systems, founder of Etribes, publisher of

Alexander Graf publishes, a leading German-language e-commerce blog, and speaks at a range of tech and e-commerce conferences; he has authored a range of expert articles and books about digital business models. Alex is a founding partner and managing director of the SPRYKER e-commerce architecture – developed in part by the same team as Rocket Internet used and used in the Dafiti and Westwing frameworks for Rocket Internet. This technology is also applied by Project A for Tirendo, NU3 and Contorion. Questions regarding new models for retailers, Amazon, and competitive strategies are of particular interest to Alex.

Tim Rudolph

Tim Rudolph, 38, has been enthusiastic about adding value to software and data for almost 20 years. He loves to look for opportunities, to develop them very purposefully and to monetize them in business models. He enjoys building and restructuring teams and developing people and organisations. After his studies as an industrial engineer (University of Karlsruhe, today KIT) he gained experience in start-ups (,,, at a globally relevant software company (SAP), in a consulting firm (Capgemini) and at an application company (Hermes).

For seven years, his focus has been on e-commerce logistics. From the purchase order for the goods to the delivery of the parcel to customers all over Europe. Most recently, he set up the Digital Lab of Hermes Germany and thus made it into the top ten of the Capital Rankings of the best German digital laboratories within a year.

In his free time he teaches programming and basketball to his and other children.

Hubertus Bessau

Co-Founder of mymuesli

Hubertus Bessau founded mymuesli in 2007 with two friends from business studies at the University of Passau. The idea to mix everyone’s personal favourite cereals quickly found many fans in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Great Britain.

The startup has received several awards, including the “Startup of the Year 2007” from and the “Young Business Award 2008” from the Bundesverband des Deutschen Versandhandels. Most recently, the three friends were honoured with the German Founder’s Prize in the category “Newcomers”.

Originally only available online, mymuesli now operates its own mymuesli shops in eleven cities and is also increasingly represented in food retailing. From the beginning, mymuesli used only organic ingredients and pursues a sustainable strategy in the development of the product range and the brand.
In addition to premium organic muesli, the company also sells other products from the premium breakfast world. Just one year after its foundation, the range was expanded to include a line of organic porridge called N’oats. Shortly afterwards, the range was expanded to include the juice orange subscription Oh! Since 2011, the portfolio also includes single-finca coffee from fair trade under the Green Cup Coffee brand. Last year, the portfolio was supplemented by organic loose leaf tea – called Tree of Tea.

After the three founders bought back their shares from two Business Angles in 2013, mymuesli is fully owner-managed.
Today Hubertus Bessau is mainly responsible for the marketing of mymuesli.

Jonas Piela

Tobias Quelle-Korting

Head of E-Commerce Product Management, OTTO (GmbH & Co KG), Lecturer E-Commerce HTWG Konstanz

Tobias Quelle-Korting holds a degree in business administration and has been working intensively on all aspects of eCommerce and digital business development for many years.

Tobias is in charge of e-commerce product management at for various digital product activities and in this role is responsible for the further development of’s search, navigation and article detail pages on all end devices as well as central product data management. Tobias is also enthusiastic about the development of agile and interdisciplinary organisational structures and the continuous further development of digital products in the context of new technological possibilities.

In his previous functions, he was responsible for OTTO’s e-commerce activities in the Fashion category (shop management, online process management, web merchandising) and previously built up all B2B and B2C e-commerce activities (shops, logistics, online marketing, controlling, customer service, online category management) for Schiesser AG on a greenfield site.

In his free time Tobias works as a lecturer at the HTWG Konstanz and shares his knowledge of e-commerce basics as well as online marketing, web analytics, job profiles, business development and current trends in electronic commerce.

Stefan Tobel

Stefan Tobel is a digital consultant and supports corporations and start-ups in the challenges of the tech age. From its launch in 2014 to 2017, he worked for About You, one of Europe’s fastest-growing start-ups, where he played a key role in building the company up and scaling it quickly. His focus at About You was on the development of the online shop, business intelligence and personalization.

Stefan Tobel is a graduate of the ESCP Europe and the FH Nordakademie. Before joining About You, he worked as a strategy consultant in the Otto Group strategy. He is particularly interested in building tech teams and digital skills in start-ups and corporations.

Dr. Jan-Paul Lüdtke

University lecturer in E-Commerce at the FH Wedel and founder & partner of Akanoo GmbH

Jan-Paul Lüdtke, 36, is a proven expert in digital marketing & sales and digital business models.

Since September 2017 Jan-Paul and Dr. Florian Schatz have been supervising the Bachelor and Master study programmes in e-commerce at the FH-Wedel. His training focuses on online marketing, commercial shop management and business model development.

As managing partner, he has also successfully helped to build Akanoo GmbH from 2013 onwards, which today, as one of the leading German providers, offers intelligent, automated and personalised marketing communication for transaction-based digital offers.

In his previous positions, Jan-Paul initially worked as a marketing consultant for GfK SE, where he successfully developed and sold new methods for market observation and product range management for various verticals such as the fashion industry. Subsequently, he successfully developed the digital brand image in his own family business and conducted research at the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg on the efficient handling of overestimation for the successful implementation of innovation projects.

Jan-Paul’s passion is to support decision makers in sales and marketing across all industries and to systematically use their digital contacts to interested parties and customers for more communication and sales success.

Dr. Florian Schatz

Lecturer in E-Commerce at the FH Wedel and Founder of

Florian Schatz, 36, is a successful founder and proven e-commerce expert with a focus on technology.

Since September 2017 Florian Schatz and Dr. Jan-Paul Lüdtke have been supervising the Bachelor and Master study programmes in e-commerce at the FH-Wedel. His focus is on successful e-commerce companies and the technologies behind them (web services), which are crucial for the strategy and success of these business models.

He has been the founder of since he was 18 years old. At the same time he studied and earned his doctorate in computer science. The combination of experience in building an e-commerce company and a deep understanding of technology means that he sees his knowledge as his task in strategic consulting, especially on e-commerce issues.

Mark Hartmann

Jens Wasel

Founder and Managing Director KW-Commerce

Jens Wasel is founder and managing director of KW-Commerce.

Founded in 2012, KW-Commerce has 180 employees worldwide and supplies around 5 million customers annually in the areas of accessories for consumer electronics and home & living. With the distribution of its own brands kwmobile, kalibri and Navaris, the company is one of the largest Amazon and eBay dealers worldwide.

KW-Logistics also offers shipping services from Asia with a team in China.

Jens Wasel also uses his theoretical and practical knowledge to help Amazon newcomers gain a foothold in the Amazon world with his innovative products and is also a speaker at e-commerce and Amazon conferences.

Dr. Matthias Häsel

Vice President, Sales Platform IT Management, DB Vertrieb GmbH (Deutsche Bahn AG)

Dr. Matthias Häsel is a versatile manager who has experience in the context of digital ventures as well as shaped the digital transformation of large companies.

Matthias is heading the Sales Platform IT Management division at Deutsche Bahn. In this role, Matthias is responsible for IT planning, development and operations of the main sales systems (, DB Navigator, counter systems, and sales backend). Before that, Matthias was product owner at XING and headed the mobile commerce activities at OTTO.

Matthias feels well at the interface of IT and (increasingly agile) management in large organizations, even though he did his doctorate on Internet startups and has been researching entrepreneurship for several years. Matthias holds a degree in computer science, a Master in electronic business, and a doctoral degree in economics.

Jörg Kundrath

Co-founder and Managing Director of KAVAJ GmbH and the KAVAJ Academy

Jörg Kundrath is the co-founder and managing director of KAVAJ GmbH and the KAVAJ Academy as well as the author of “The KAVAJ Case.” KAVAJ is a manufacturer of high-quality genuine leather products for smartphones, tablets or wallets. Founded in October 2011, KAVAJ sells its products solely as a marketplace seller via Amazon (Europe, USA, Japan). With over 500,000 KAVAJ products sold and more than 17 million euros in revenue, KAVAJ is one of the biggest sellers on Amazon. What’s special about KAVAJ: All eight employees are distributed throughout Germany and work in the home office.

Before founding KAVAJ, Jörg Kundrath worked as a project manager for in Munich.

Florian Berger

Director of Possibilities, Donkey Products GmbH&Co KG

Voluntary Service: Board Member of “Kunstverein Hamburg” and “Geschenkartikelverband “Europäischer Verband Lifestyle””

Florian is a passionate founder and established, together with Boris Frommen, the design and advertising agency Donkey Communication (

In 2008 they decided to launch an own brand named Donkey Products, where every product is developed with great passion and tells a little story. The products are distributed both nationally and internationally. In 2016, Donkey Products was declared as brand of the year by the German Design Council (Frankfurt). Since 2014 Donkey Products is developing online as a third distribution channel.

Max Berger

CEO RYZZE GmbH, Serial Entrepreneur  

Max Berger is a serial entrepreneur and co-founded several ecommerce companies and “online first” brands. He has over 12 years of experience in lifestyle and fashion, ecommerce, brand building, implementing vertical structures and scaling businesses. He understands the new digital opportunities that lead to a constant disruption of classic product brands as well as the transformation of retail and media houses that now have to become brand manufactures to increase profits. Under Max’s leadership, several product brands have been launched and turned profitable.

Max founded Ryzze, a digital driven Brandholding, and is specializing in founding, investing and supporting a new generation of brands as well as monetizing media and/or sales reach of strong partners with whom he builds valuable, digital driven brands.

Alexandra Zanders

Business Unit Head Head E-Commerce & Multichannel at Christ Juweliere und Uhrmacher seit 1863 GmbH

Alexandra Zanders has been at home in e-commerce since the beginning of her career. She started her professional career more than 10 years ago at Air Berlin where she helped to build up the e-commerce department. Later on she was responsible for Business Development at Zanox and Product Management at Spreadshirt.

In 2008 Alexandra launched the Startup Saftfabrik which gave up operations in 2010 and started at that time with Rocket Internet. First she worked for Groupon in Germany overlooking Aftersales and went 2011 to Australia as Managing Director for Groupon. Afterwards she launched Glossybox in Australia as a CEO.

When she came back to Germany Alexandra founded in 2013 the Startup Glamloop together with Kiana Mardi. Glamloop was sold to his local competitor Rebelle in 2014.

Since October 2014 Alexandra is responsible for the Business Unit E-Commerce for the jewelry and watches retailer Christ Juweliere und Uhrmacher. She is overlooking the Digital Business including Performance Marketing, Content & UIX, Multichannel and Operations, Maketplaces and the development of the webshop.

Jonathan Becker

Business Models & Strategy,Vice President,

Jonathan is Principal at, a global VC Fund with offices in the US, Germany, Japan, China and Brazil. Since Jonathan joined in 2011 he worked both out of the San Francisco and the Berlin office. He supports the European early-stage investment team with a special focus on investments in Mobile, SaaS and Marketplaces.
Prior to joining, Jonathan held several positions within the Otto Group in Europe, Japan and the US. Jonathan has a technical background holding a degree in Computer Science and Business Management.
In 2016 Forbes Magazine listed Jonathan on the 30 under 30 list awarding the top young leaders, creative inventors and entrepreneurs.

Anna Denejnaja

Digital & Web Analytics, Business Intelligence

Anna Denejnaja is Head of Data Analysis at Hermes NexTec, a full-service e-commerce provider for the fashion and lifestyle industries. In this position she is responsible for business intelligence solutions and all digital analytics for Hermes NexTec and its clients. Prior to joining Hermes NexTec, Anna was a web analytics consultant at etracker, a solution provider for web analytics solution and services.

Working with clients from various industries she helped develop strategic concepts, KPI frameworks, set up and improve their analytics.

Anna played a major role in development and took the leadership of the “etracker Academy”, a competence center for web analytics, designed for the further professional education of web analysts. Dedicated to enhance digital analytics literacy among the young, she also teaches web analytics as guest lecturer at FH Wedel, University of Applied Sciences.

Anna is a DAA Certified Web Analyst™ and hold the “Award of Achievement in Digital Analytics” from the University of British Columbia. She frequently speaks on international digital analytics conferences on topics of data integration, data mining, digital analytics knowledge transfer, storytelling and return on analytics and is the program chair for the eMetrics Summit in Berlin.

Mareike Stobbe

 E-Commerce Consultant

As eTribes Partner, Mareike Stobbe combines her international network with years of experience in e-commerce, venture capital and event management. She supports startups and retailers alike, mostly in projects around e-commerce insights, market research and strategy development.

Mareike has been active in the e-commerce industry since 2008. She kicked off her e-commerce love story at the Otto Group in the fields of business development and corporate strategy, then managed all marketing and events efforts at international venture capital investor, and most recently spear headed the US market entry of Spryker Systems. Since 2011, Mareike was event manager at several technology summits and executive trips in San Francisco and New York.

Mareike has lived in North America since 2011 and has a strong network as well as insights to North American online retailers and technology providers.

Annett Fibian

Strategic Marketing Consulting and Trainings

Annett Fibian is an experienced marketing expert with a profound digital background. She works as strategic consultant and training facilitator focusing on digitalisation and marketing.

Throughout her career she has demonstrated her ability for creative influence and success in culturally diverse environments, from top international corporations to start-up businesses. Annett Fibian has worked for Beiersdorf, Mercedes-Benz, AOL Germany, Intershop, The Commerce Grid and Good School.

She is a passionate about integrated brand management, digital communication, content marketing and consumer relationship management.

Besides consulting, Annett has specialised in designing and facilitating trainings and workshops. She also lectures on strategic marketing.

Karolin Junker

digital strategy/transformation, product and brand management

Karolin is Managing Director of Vite EnVogue, one of the leading online shops for second hand designerfashion & accessories. Since its founding in 2012, Vite EnVogue now employs over 70 people in Germany, Austria and the UK.

Previously she gained several years of experience in shopper & consumer marketing within a leading FMCG company and holds a masters degree in Management & Entrepreneurship.

Dr. Sebastian Sieglerschmidt

Omni-Channel-Commerce: Strategy – Implementation – Operations, Digital Marketing, User Experience, Analytics, Optimierung

Dr. Sebastian Sieglerschmidt is a renowned E-Commerce Expert with more than 8 years of hands-on experience in building, growing, managing and optimizing digital business models. Since 2013, Sebastian is Managing Director of the Allianz Digital Accelerator which is headquartered in Munich.

The Digital Accelerator is a fully owned subsidiary of Allianz SE. Its mission is to build new ventures for Allianz and – potentially – spin them off as stand-alone companies. The Digital Accelerator is innovating globally, across all lines of business, from Insurance, to Assistance, to Asset Management.In addition to his role at Allianz, Sebastian is majority shareholder and chairman at CommerceBoard, an early stage e-commerce software company. CommerceBoard develops highly customized Java-based e-shop, product data mangement and ERP software for enterprise clients.

Sebastian also has made angel investments and is an active mentor to several startup companies in Germany, the UK and Israel. In 2008, Sebastian founded 7e stores (formerly 7trends-Enamora), an online apparel retailer, with Rocket Internet and Holtzbrinck Ventures as early stage investors. Among other e-shops, 7e built into the leading and award-winning underwear specialist online (including a No. 1 ranking from Stiftung Warentest).

In 2012, Sebastian successfully exited from this venture. Sebatians’s work life started in 2003 as a consultant at McKinsey & Company, where he focused on FMCG/Packaged Goods as well as Marketing & Sales topics. Before that, he studied Business Administration in Vallendar (WHU), Los Angeles and Toulouse and holds a PhD in Behavioral Psychology from FU Berlin. Sebastian was born in 1978 and lives with his family in Berlin.

Sven Bagemihl

Customer Journey Tools, Data Management Platforms (DMP), Adtech Systems, Programmatic Media

Sven Bagemihl is Managing Director of captify technologies GmbH and, as part of the global senior management team, is responsible for building up the globally active company in Germany.

For many years Sven has successfully built up sales organisations in the fields of Ad-Tech and Data Driven Marketing. He is an expert who helps advertisers to actively shape programmatic media purchasing and is intensively involved in customer journey and DMP projects for data-driven online marketing and the networking of all channels.

Together with the founders and prominent investors like Klaus Hommels wunderloop, Sven built up wunderloop in Europe, he was responsible for the monetization of the 17 million user community at StudiVZ, Germany’s largest website at the time. Sven has been actively involved in the implementation of more than 300 digital campaigns for clients and agencies.

Dr. Christian Maaß

Digital strategy/transformation, product management

Dr. Christian Maaß is managing director of Flyeralarm GmbH and is responsible for marketing , shop management and product management.

Previously, he gained several years of experience as Head of eCommerce at Bertelsmann/arvato where he was operating the online shops of several fashion brands covering the whole value chain (online shop,  logistics, customer service, finance) .

Christian worked for online pure players such as AutoScout24 and Lycos as well as for global corporations such as Bertelsmann and OTTO in the fields of product management, digital strategy and digital transformation.

Furthermore, he has written several books on the subjects of product management and ecommerce .

Prof. Dr. Holger Schneider

Digital Strategy Consultant

Holger Schneider advises B2B and B2C companies on questions of digital transformation. He also designs and organizes education programs with a focus on e-commerce. Until September 2017 he headed the E-Commerce Bachelor and Master courses of study at the University of Applied Sciences Wedel as an endowed professor of the Otto Group. His teaching activities covered strategic and operational topics of e-commerce. In order to ensure that students receive practical training, Schneider worked with retailers, manufacturers and media companies on numerous practical projects.

Prior to this, Schneider was Head of Business Development New Media at the Otto Group. His work focused on the evaluation of digital business models with regard to their relevance for the Otto Group. In this context, he contributed to the e-commerce strategy development of the Otto Group and worked out recommendations for the development or acquisition of business models at home and abroad.

Kai Ding

EN SEM Consulting, E-Commerce China, Digital Marketing China, Market Entry in China, online Marketplaces in China

Kai Ding has entered the digital space after his study in China and Germany. He has worked as an online marketing manager at Groupon International and as an ecommerce consultant at NETRADA Europe (Now Arvato eCommerce).

As an independent interim manager and consultant, Kai Ding has worked with big international companies such as Volkswagen, WMF, Sixt for online marketing projects and e-commerce projects in China.

Kai and his team also supports German SMEs to enter the Chinese market; furthermore, Kai and his team helps Chinese companies expand their online business internationally.

David Vinnitski

Managing Director and Founder of Kale&Me, Founder of Cuba Buddy

Dr. Gerald Schönbucher

Founder and Managing Director, Business Angel

Gerald Schönbucher has been active in the eCommerce sector since 2005. He has helped to establish several online companies and is currently the founder and managing director of the marketplace – one of Germany’s leading online sales platforms with over 2 million customers.

In addition to his work for Hitmeister, he participates as a business angel in young Internet companies. Before entering the Internet sector, he also got a taste of corporate air at BMW, Deutsche Bank and Unilever, among others.

Johan von Hülsen

Johan v. Hülsen, 34, is a passionate father, managing director and search engine optimizer. For 10 years Johan has been helping companies of all sizes and industries to increase search engine traffic and conversions. He is not interested in secret SEO tricks, but in solid strategies and information architectures that bring together the requirements of search engines and users. He does not develop analyses, strategies, processes and implementation concepts from a gut feeling, but on the basis of data and facts. After his first projects and his studies of sociology and social economics, Johan learned his professional trade at TRG – The Reach Group GmbH before founding Wingmen Online Marketing GmbH in 2013 as a consultancy focusing on excellent search engine optimization.

Johan von Hülsen has a weakness for data aggregation and efficiency. His analytical skills and many years of experience with national and international customers at home and abroad make him an indispensable thinker and leader for complex tasks.

Dennis Kallerhoff

COO shopping24 internet group, CEO/Founder dealzeit GmbH

Dennis Kallerhoff is a techie in marketing with a weakness for strategy. He is head of Marketing Operations at shopping24 internet group. There Dennis deals with highly scalable web technologies and the automation of business processes, among others in the areas of article data management, search technology and performance marketing. In 2010 Dennis founded dealzeit GmbH and developed the website into one of the largest aggregators of local offers in Germany. Previously, he worked in corporate development at the Otto Group and analyzed new trading models and the competitive landscape in the German e-commerce market.

Pierre Haarfeld

Consultant for business model strategies in the home & living industry

Pierre is an Etribes Partner since 2014, is an entrepreneur, speaker, advisor and eCommerce expert with operational experience. The business economist has been working intensively on eCommerce and digital business models for many years. As a partner at eTribes, he is responsible for the home & living sector and supports companies in designing new business models with his in-depth industry experience. Pierre Haarfeld is also the author of numerous articles on the strategy of digital business models in the furniture industry.

Manuel Hinz

Managing director of Hinz Ventures & Consulting, partner of Heilemann Ventures

In recent years, Manuel Hinz has worked in tech start-ups from a variety of management positions: as interim CFO and head of corporate development, he played a key role in setting up DailyDeal and its subsequent sale to Google. He then worked with Project A Ventures on the Toroleo car parts price comparison site, which was then sold to Delticom. He currently consults and offers interim management services to start-ups in online marketing, business development, and strategy; he is also a venture partner at Heilemann Ventures, the holding company of the DailyDeal founders, and also works with investors.

Jürgen Vogel

CTO & Co-founder Solvemate GmbH, Consultant for IT Strategy

Jürgen Vogel is a consultant and coach focusing on development processes, IT strategy and re-platforming. As a passionate software architect, he has learned to appreciate efficient and simple approaches to solutions and has accompanied companies from start-up to corporate, especially in the eCommerce environment.

Since 2016 he has been CTO and co-founder of Solvemate, a machine learning platform that automates customer support.

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Matthias Lau

CTO GmbH, consultant for e-commerce concepts and IT strategies

Matthias Lau works for a range of companies on concepts, coaching, planning, and development of IT strategies, processes, and products. He is an expert on the meaning of and the adequate integration of IT processes in company strategies – in e-commerce above all. Speaking at conferences for developers and tech events, he passes on concepts for technical multi-platform strategies including responsive web design ideas. He is the CTO of GmbH, a company developing new ways of communicating and new standards for patient-doctor interaction.

Tarek Müller

Managing director of the Collins Project, serial start-up creator & business angel, Etribes Connect advisory board

Tarek Müller is co-founder and part of the management team at Collins, an e-commerce start-up and subsidiary of the Otto Group, which develops online shops for the digital generation. Müller has been developing digital business models for online trade for more than ten years and is responsible for Marketing & Brands at Collins.
The entrepreneur founded his first online shop at the age of 13. Later, as managing partner, he built up numerous e-commerce models in various industries. From 2007 he developed service companies to support customers in the conception and implementation of new business models. His company NetImpact Framework GmbH, founded in 2003, developed with more than 70 employees into one of the larger German digital agencies – one of whose customers included the Otto Group. In June 2013, the Group took over the company and the entire team in parallel with the Creative-Task agency for the core team of the Collins project.
Tarek Müller, born in Hamburg, is also a shareholder of eTribes Framework GmbH, founded in 2011, and is active as an investor and business angel. The developer conference code.talks in Hamburg, which he founded together with Sebastian Betz, attracted around 1,500 participants and 130 national and international speakers. In 2014 Müller was awarded the “e-Star Personality Award”, in 2015 he was voted among the “Young Elite – Top 40 among 40” by the business magazine Capital.

Erik Preusker

User experience & conception of digital business models

Erik Preusker has headed the conception department at Netshops Commerce GmbH since 2015 – a subsidiary of Etribes. He has been active in e-commerce since 2006 and operated a content creation service at until 2009.

Since 2010 he has been responsible for the conception, support and consulting of online shops at NetImpact / Etribes as Team Lead.

He was also in charge of conception for EDITED and About You from 2012 and was also Product Owner of until the end of 2014.

In addition to working on shops such as The Deli Garage (Kolle Rebbe), (OTTO Group) or, he can look back on experience from more than 50 e-commerce projects.

Udo Kießlich

Udo Kießlich brings with him very good experience in KPI-based e-commerce management of larger shops (3,000-30,000 SKUs), shop development, scaling, personalization, project management, content management and fulfillment / last mile.

Udo Kießlich was Managing Director of Allyouneed Fresh (“Online Lebensmittel”) for several years.

Prior to that, he was employed at Deutsche Post as Senior Expert in the Merger & Acquistions Department. Since 2018, he has concentrated entirely on digital consulting for e-commerce projects. Although he has already gained experience in the industry as a freelance management consultant since 2007.

He also gives lectures at various e-commerce events.

Adrian Hotz

Founder of Adrian Hotz E-Commerce Consulting, publisher of

Adrian Hotz supports companies in developing strategies, setting up e-commerce departments, and implementing at an operational level. This remit includes helping to select software providers and service partners and optimising shops with a particular focus on personalisation. He has set up his own consultancy and publishes, speaks at e-commerce conferences, and organises the events. Besides e-commerce, Adrian is also fascinated by Bitcoin and enjoys discussing its effects on the finance industry.

Stefan Grimm

Founder and managing director of

Stefan Grimm is one of the founders and managing director of wholesale platform. It is a leader in the market and is one of the pioneers of online B2B sales. Stefan is also versed in traditional wholesale processes and structures and has experience of purchasing in the Far East; he has also been a consultant and interim manager in the consumer goods wholesale trade and worked for brand-name manufacturers.

Phil Layer

Phil Layer was the first Key Account Manager E-Commerce at Robert Bosch GmbH in the Professional Power Tools division to be responsible for implementing an online specific conditions system. In addition to supporting online and omni-channel merchants with above-average growth rates, he was involved in designing a European conditions concept for a consistent omni-channel sales strategy and was responsible for its introduction in the Central Europe sales area.

He was also responsible for the conditions, the Europe-wide product range, the product content and marketing on Amazon. Most recently, Phil Layer was responsible for marketing and promotion management for all Bosch brands on the European Amazon platforms.

In addition to his extensive practical knowledge at Bosch Power Tools, he received a Master of Science (M.Sc.) in International Management from the Steinbeis School of International Business and Entrepreneurship in 2014.

Yara Molthan

Yara Molthan, consultant at Etribes, was most recently responsible for expanding the Amazon business and relaunching the shop for JULIE & GRACE, one of Europe’s largest online jewellery retailers. Prior to that, she spent three years in Shanghai as Product & Business Development Manager for a German furniture start-up and as Marketing Manager for an online supermarket.

Her core competencies include the conception and implementation of comprehensive projects, the acquisition and connection of new distribution channels in Germany and abroad and their operational management.

Stefan Berkenhoff

Stefan Berkenhoff is a consultant at Etribes. His last position was as project manager at netshops Commerce GmbH, a digital brand and commerce agency. His activities there focused on project management and consulting for various major customers, including Holtzbrinck Publishing Group and Lurch AG. Previously, he initiated and managed projects at, including the introduction of a PIM tool and shop system.

He completed his master’s degree in e-commerce with a thesis on the implementation of business model innovations in existing organizations in cooperation with Otto GmbH & Co. KG. At eTribes Stefan Berkenhoff works on projects around the development of digital business models, online marketing strategies and online shop development.

Falk Steimmig

Falk-Hendrik Steimmig is a consultant at Etribes. Previously, he was Head of Client Growth at ameo GmbH, a B2B service provider for Amazon marketplace management, where he was responsible for customer development, project management and consulting. There he accompanied the establishment and expansion of departments around Amazon and marketplace management with regard to organizational structure, processes and know-how for various major customers.

He was also instrumental in shaping the rapid growth of ameo GmbH by consistently expanding its service portfolio.

Between 2009 and 2014, he gained diverse e-commerce experience in the fashion sector, initially at HUGO BOSS AG, followed by Zalando SE.  He then completed his Master’s degree in e-commerce with a thesis on customer loyalty instruments in the b2b retail sector.

His core competencies include the development of organizational and team structures in addition to his consulting focus on Amazon with the specialty Amazon Marketing Services.

Fritz Schildt

Fritz Schildt has worked for leading companies in the consumer and industrial goods sector and focused his work on the implementation of digital solutions in existing business models, including the conception of cooperation strategies with Amazon.

He believes that no industry is safe from the tsunami of digital disruption and in his spare time he works on integrating big data analytics into supply chains.

Lukas Hoeft

Tanja Lembcke

Tanja Lembcke is an analyst at Etribes. It supports the development of digital trading models, their optimization and their operational implementation in product management.

Previously she worked as an intern at About You, an e-commerce shop for clothing, shoes and accessories. There she supported the product owner in shop management for one year. Main areas of activity included sprint coordination according to Scrum, feature concepts, stakeholder management, KPI analyses and monitoring of shop applications.

She also worked in brand management at Bosch Smart Home and at Car2Go with a focus on user experience and digital content. She completed her bachelor’s degree in media management with a thesis on live content in digital brand management using the Facebook Live function as an example.

Markus Stephan

Markus Stephan, a graduate in business administration, has been advising companies in the area of e-commerce since 2012. He was responsible for numerous digital projects for retailers, brands and manufacturers in both the B2B and B2C sectors. Besides setting up, restructuring and managing teams and departments, he specializes in the digitization of complex processes.

Due to his pragmatic approach to various problems, he has already successfully proven his expertise in a large number of e-commerce projects.

Melanie Moske

Melanie Moske, consultant at Etribes, is an expert in SEO & Web Analytics. Here she advises companies in the field of online marketing and digital transformation. In addition, it supports its customers in organisational changes and the development of digital business models.

Previously, she worked as SEO Manager and Web Analyst at Gruner + Jahr, one of Europe’s largest magazine publishers. There she was mainly responsible for on-page optimization, website tracking and the web analysis of several sites such as COUCH, Schöner Wohnen and the Schöner Wohnen Shop. She has also been responsible for online marketing channels such as Google AdWords, social media and native advertising for several brands.
In addition to operational optimization, their expertise also includes the strategic positioning of digital concepts. She was responsible for numerous new developments and relaunches in an agile working environment with a focus on search engine optimization and content strategy.

Simon Bickel

Simon Bickel last worked at as a product manager on optimizing the user experience and the back-end systems. Furthermore, he was in charge of category management and the internal search system. In addition to his studies in business informatics, he supported online shops in agile development, sales via Amazon and in the analysis of business processes for the implementation of new services. At Etribes, Simon Bickel works on projects related to sales in marketplaces and the development of digital services and products.

Laura Prym

Niklas Reher

Niklas Reher is an online marketing expert and part of eTribes’ operational consulting team. He focuses on display advertising, ad technology and category management.

After completing his Master degree (M.Sc.) in E-Commerce at the University of Applied Sciences Wedel, Niklas Reher worked for OTTO GmbH & Co KG and, in addition to online advertising marketing, supervised various projects for the establishment and expansion of traffic monetization.

Maximilian Joksch

Maximilian Joksch, Project Manager at Etribes, was most recently a product owner at Netshops Commerce GmbH and was involved in several digitization projects. He has been with Etribes since October 2016 and hosts all events of the Digital Commerce Day framework.

Christof Randazzo

Christof Randazzo works as a consultant at Etribes. The business economist (B.A.) deepened his e-commerce knowledge through a Master of Science in e-commerce at the FH Wedel and through operational experience at the OTTO Group.

In addition to his skills as a project manager, he has experience in sales and has extensive online marketing knowledge from various companies.
At Etribes, Christof Randazzo works in online marketing, business development and the development of digital sales models.

Elena Goncz

Annabelle Siebert